ANSYS FE model of the RVE of a 3D woven composite_ Geometry of the RVE has been created using the TexGen code.jpgANSYS FE model of the RVE of the 090 NCF dual layer_Geometry of the RVE has been created using the WiseTex code.jpgAll-moving-horizontal-tail-plane-CFK---foam-core.jpgAnalysis of local fiber orientation.jpgAnalysis of yarn paths in fabrics as a result shape, area, coordinates of the centre of mass are obtained. Geometrical models based on these parameters were created for visual.jpgCFRP-complex-structure-and-obtained-Robot-CT-3D-results-400-projections-at-limited-angle-CT-180°-C.jpgCFRP-complex-structure-and-obtained-Robot-CT-3D-results-400-projections-at-limited-angle-CT-180°-a.jpgCFRP-complex-structure-and-obtained-Robot-CT-3D-results-400-projections-at-limited-angle-CT-180°-b.jpgComparison and correlation of CT data with ultrasonic testing.jpgCorrelation and comparison with 2D micocuts.jpgExample of software demonstrator for composite model.pngGeneration of import for FEM models.jpgImage-of-a-damaged-CFRC-sample-obtained-using-a-single-photon-counting-detector--with-resolution-4-3-um--a.jpgImpact damage characterization in CFRP.jpgLarge aeronautic component.pngMicro- and nano-CT systems at MTM.jpgMisalignment of fibers in a glass fiber_PP_SRPP composite.jpgPorosity testing in CFRP.jpgQUICOM-13.jpgRadiogram of the FPGA integrated circuit was acquired using single photon counting detector; resolution 20 m.jpgRobot based XCT system two independent robots holding the X-ray tube and the detector moving according to a specified acquisition trajectory.jpgRotor-blade-for-ducted-fan--CFK---foam-core.jpgThe honey comb sandwich with metal grid on the top; imaged using 1 MPixel single photon counting detector; resolution 10μm.jpgThermoplastic clip, as an example for high volume parts.jpgVisualisation of cracks in a 3D carbonepoxy composite after fatigue loading.jpgVisualization of the double source CT setup.jpg

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